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From Stefan Fritsch>
Subject Re: httpd 2.0.65 - when?
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2011 16:30:08 GMT
On Monday 26 September 2011, Plüm, Rüdiger, VF-Group wrote:
> > Agreed, if people decide our handling of range "0-" is not
> > desirable, this would seem to be a showstopper on all three
> > branches. Personally, I find the current behavior acceptable by
> > the spec and per the underlying errata Roy has suggested.
> > 
> > Clients should not be able to shift trivial processing (which
> > the client is perfectly capable of performing) to the server in
> > ways that increase network traffic or server load.  HTTP/1.1
> > conversations must be designed to efficiently utilize network
> > bandwidth, and these particular clients did not do that.  I'm on
> > the fence whether we should restore such abuse.
> I agree with you, but I am leaning towards to revert this
> behaviour, because there are too much "stupid" clients out there.
> So it looks like the "smarter" party has to give in :-). Sigh.


Also, as documented in the Mozilla Bugzilla, there have also been dumb 
servers which send "Accept-Ranges: bytes" but don't support ranges.  
So it's somewhat understandable that clients try different methods to 
determine range support. They should have used a partial range request 
instead of requesting the whole file, though :-(

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