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From Michael Tautschnig>
Subject Re: Known/fixed concurrency issues related to memory consistency?
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2011 14:39:07 GMT

> >    Our question is thus: is anyone of you aware of current or
> > fixed concurrency-related bugs in Apache's httpd that might have been caused by
> > cache effects?
> So you're looking for test-cases for your own tools, rather
> than (directly) for bugs in ours?

As we are still in the process of getting our tools in shape: we would first
like to confirm that our tools are able to diagnose known bugs; we will then
continue to look for not yet identified issues on your code. At present we have
to rely on our own examples (and's maintenance worsens this...).

> Apache HTTPD has a bugzilla database at
> It's more than a little chaotic, not least because it's completely
> public and real bugs and enhancement requests are mixed with user
> problems that have nothing to do with us.  But there are certainly
> some concurrency-related issues in there if you look.

Thank you very much for the pointer, we'll take a look at this database. The
main hope associated with my prior email was that someone would know of such
issues off the top of their head. If anybody does: please let us know.

Best regards,

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