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From Dennis Jacobfeuerborn <>
Subject memcached lookups in apache module
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2011 14:11:59 GMT
I'm working on an apache module that basically rewrites URLs based on a 
simple memcached lookup. I've noticed that apr-util already comes with 
memcached functions but I'm wondering about the 
apr_memcache_server_create() argument semantics.

Apparently I have to provide minimum, soft maximum, hard maximum and a 
time-to-live value and I'm not sure what values are sensible here.
I'm dealing with ten webservers accessing ten memcached servers and there 
are going to be lookups between all systems all the time so I really don't 
need any dynamic behavior.

What are good values for the minimum number of connections? 1, 10, 100?
The hard maximum number is obvious but what is the purpose of the soft 
maximum number of connections?


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