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From "Mikhail T." <>
Subject mod_ftp's handling of SITE UMASK command
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2011 16:13:28 GMT

One of our scripts is using ncftpput to automatically upload a file. The script 
invokes ncftpput with a -U flag to explicitly set the umask.

Though the file is successfully uploaded (with the default umask) there is with 
a warning:

    % ncftpput -U 0 localhost / /COPYRIGHT
    ncftpput could not set umask: server said: Error (no message)

and the server logs the following: - - [18/Jul/2011:17:16:06 -0400] "SITE UMASK 0" 504 - "-" "-"

Looking inside the code (ftp_commands.c), I see, that the SITE-command is not 

         ftp_hook_cmd("SITE", *NULL*, FTP_HOOK_LAST,
                      FTP_NEED_LOGIN | FTP_TAKE1 | FTP_EXTENSIBLE,
                      "<sp> site-cmd [ <sp> arguments ]");

I wonder, if that's intentional -- perhaps, for reasons of security -- or simply 
because nobody got to it yet. Please, advise. Thanks! Yours,


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