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From "William A. Rowe Jr." <>
Subject Re: reallyall vs. all vs. most
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2011 03:10:39 GMT
On 7/5/2011 4:21 PM, Stefan Fritsch wrote:
> On Tuesday 05 July 2011, Igor Galić wrote:
> Here is what gets built for most (M) and all (A) and what I would like 
> to change. The choices are certainly subjective, but I think there 
> should be many changes where we all agree. So please comment.

> MA mod_file_cache      # remove from 'most'

A noop if not explicitly enabled, you could probably leave it 'most'.

> MA mod_ident           # remove from 'most' and 'all'
> MA mod_imagemap        # remove from 'most' and 'all'

But present with 'reallyall'?  That works.

>  A mod_cern_meta       # remove from 'all'

But stuck on 'reallyall' I hope?

>  A mod_sed             # add to 'most' ?


>    mod_proxy_ajp       # add to 'most' and 'all'
>    mod_proxy_fcgi      # add to 'most' and 'all'
>    mod_proxy_scgi      # add to 'most' and 'all'

Isn't 'all' enough?  Pretty special-purpose, even tomcat is easier
to manage from an http connector.

>    mod_ssl             # add to 'most' and 'all' (if ssl detected)

There is a long debate about this, and in 2011 it likely doesn't matter
so much, but this was disabled explicitly due to the varied and ever
changing government policies on munitions.  It probably doesn't hurt to
leave it at 'reallyall' when ssl is detected.  The other argument is to
install it for most and all, on the premise that if crypto is forbidden,
openssl is not present in a usable form.

>    mod_charset_lite    # add to 'most' and 'all'

All, sure, if APU_HAS_ICONV, but most?  Pretty limited application.

>    mod_echo

All... noop if not configured.

>    mod_isapi           # remove from 'reallyall' on unix

No; leave it reallyall, it actually does work, and is probably as applicable
as proxy_scgi.

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