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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: distcache
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2011 05:32:41 GMT
Good morning Igor :)

On 05.07.2011 03:09, Igor Galić wrote:
> When trying to compile httpd with --enable-mods-shared=reallyall
> configure will currently abort on my system because it doesn't
> find distcache.

Yup, sorry, used AC_MSG_ERROR instead of AC_MSG_WARN for failure message
during distcache detection.

The behaviour of "reallyall" is such, that you can't --disable-* a
module. But when dependency checking fails the build should only disable
the module and not fail completely - unless you gave --enable_* for the
module or a --with-LIB=DIR for the library and the path or lib is
broken. This should be fixed now for mod_socache_dc, mod_deflate and
mod_lua in r1142892.

> My system (latest stable Ubuntu: 11.04) doesn't have distcache,
> it doesn't know distcache, and if this *is* distcache:
> then we're entering the sad
> state of unmaintained, unsopported legacy software. With a
> *new* httpd release too.

I can't comment on distcache maturity, because I never used it. But
remember, that (now) mod_socache_distcache is again optional. Distcache
for SSL session caching was already supported in 2.2.x via
ssl_scache_dc.c (not as a separate module, but builtin in mod_ssl).



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