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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: load order dependency between mod_ldap and mod_authnz_ldap
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2011 21:59:20 GMT
On 04 Jul 2011, at 6:48 PM, Joe Orton wrote:

> It's incumbent on you to provide specific technical objections if
> vetoing code, not this hand-waving "objections must exist because of  
> X".

I have already done so. If you disagree with the objection, or do not  
understand the objection, engage the objection directly so it can be  

> The removal from APR was because the API does not match design of the
> other APIs in APR, because it is an "incomplete abstraction" -  
> mod_ldap
> must use the underlying LDAP API directly as well as the wrapper
> functions.  This is not something which translates directly across to
> httpd; the exported API from mod_ldap was already an incomplete
> abstraction, adding more exports does not change that.  Indeed, it
> explains the motivation for consolidating this stuff in one place.

We are not discussing the removal of apr_ldap from APR, we are  
discussing the addition of ap_ldap to httpd.

Wrowe's reasons for removing apr_ldap from APR are very valid and  
real, the incomplete abstraction is wrong, and sf has already  
explained the problems that are caused when libraries and/or modules  
compiled with different LDAP library are linked to the same server.  
These problems are not in any shape or form solved by moving apr_ldap  
to httpd, the move serves no purpose whatsoever. Over and above this  
zero nett gain, we now have two nett losses:

- We now suffer an abstraction API in httpd, when all other  
abstraction APIs are in APR. I personally don't care whether the  
abstraction libraries are in APR proper, in apr-util, in apr-ldap or  
httpd-helper-libraries, what I do care is that all abstraction APIs  
should be treated the same way. I have not seen any discussion to  
suggest that there are any plans to move DBD, DBM, crypto and XML, nor  
have I seen anyone justify why we are using an inconsistent approach  
in our architecture.

- We currently build against 7 different LDAP APIs on a multitude of  
different platforms. Without the courtesy of any warning or  
discussion, maintainers of various platforms are now expected to spend  
their time and money making this code build again in the httpd  
codebase. What is the payoff for them? Nothing.

Wrowe has attempted to justify his addition of ap_ldap to httpd by  
saying "because httpd would not have been happy if it had abandoned  
these helpers and
they were not present for httpd's consumption", however this statement  
is not true - LDAP is present in apr-util, and will always be present  
as per the versioning rules of APR.

In addition, the versioning rules of apr-util allow us to add to the  
API and in so doing complete the abstraction, solving the problem in  
apr-util v1.4 or v1.5. That makes this entire move unnecessary and a  
huge waste of time.

I am confident that the httpd people will address the APR v2.0 LDAP  
issue, but only after httpd v2.4 is baked, people have time again, and  
APR v2.0 starts becoming something less than vapourware.

> If you have specific concerns with exposing all the ap[r]_ldap_* API
> from httpd, then that is something we can maybe resolve; it looks like
> mod_authnz_ldap and mod_vhost_ldap only require the url_parse hook, so
> maybe we could cut the additional exported API back down to that?

A cut down LDAP API is useless to anybody wishing to bind to an LDAP  
API and use its complete functionality, unless the API is complete, we  
are wasting the end user's time.

Long ago we moved away from this portability nonsense, delegating the  
job to APR. Moving this all back to httpd is ugly in the extreme.

> You allude to build issues without giving details, what's still  
> broken?
> (Thanks Stefan for fixing my own screwup)

See at least the following threads:

- Thread ending with "[VOTE REVOKED] Re: [VOTE] Release Apache  
httpd-2.3.13 as beta"
- httpd LDAP mess

In the case of MacOSX, it breaks for me as follows:

checking whether to enable mod_authnz_ldap... checking dependencies
checking whether to enable mod_authnz_ldap... configure: error:  
mod_authnz_ldap has been requested but can not be built due to  
prerequisite failures


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