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From Stefan Fritsch>
Subject Re: Question and request for comments on patch
Date Sun, 24 Jul 2011 07:12:38 GMT
On Friday 22 July 2011, Daniel Ruggeri wrote:
> Attached is the final cut of the patch including doco and MMN bump
> as you brought up. I plan to commit this on Monday, time
> permitting (and of course in the absence of objections). I'll
> cobble something together afterwards for a 2.2 backport.

+1 to the principle. This also allows to use LogLevel in .htaccess, 
which I wanted to implement but never got around to.

Some thoughts / nitpicks:

style: Include a space between an if and the opening brace.

We neee to support C90:
core.c: In function 'set_override_list':
core.c:1626:5: error: ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations and code [-

When parsing the list, look in ap_config_hash if a directive exists. 
If not, either log a warning or error out (not sure which is better).

I think the word1,word2,... syntax is unwieldly, especially if the 
list gets long. Maybe use AP_INIT_TAKE_ARGV instead (see e.g. 

It should be possible to reset AllowOverrideList to an empty list in a 
subdir, even if it is set in the parent dir. This is important in the 
case that there is a permissive AllowOverrideList in main server scope 
and an empty one for some virtual hosts.  In the case of an empty 
list, d->override_list should be set to NULL instead of an empty table 
for better performance.  Maybe one could allow "disabled" or "reset" 
as alias for an empty list (like in UserDir/DirectoryIndex).

It may be possible that some modules react badly if a directive is 
used in .htaccess that has previously not been allowed there. For 
example if the module needs to do some global initialization when a 
directive is used for the first time. I am not aware of such a case, 
but it is something we may want to keep in mind if this is backported. 
And it is definitely something that should go into the new_api_2.4 

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