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From Stefan Fritsch>
Subject Re: reallyall vs. all vs. most
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2011 19:17:05 GMT
I aggree with Daniel and Gregg, that it may be better to have 
mod_log_debug at 'most'. And mod_lua better only at 'all', until it 
has matured more.

On Wednesday 06 July 2011, William A. Rowe Jr. wrote:
> On 7/5/2011 4:21 PM, Stefan Fritsch wrote:
> > MA mod_file_cache      # remove from 'most'
> A noop if not explicitly enabled, you could probably leave it
> 'most'.

Fine with me

> > MA mod_ident           # remove from 'most' and 'all'
> > MA mod_imagemap        # remove from 'most' and 'all'
> But present with 'reallyall'?  That works.
> >  A mod_cern_meta       # remove from 'all'
> But stuck on 'reallyall' I hope?

Sure, nothing gets removed from reallyall. But IMO these three are 
_really_ obsolete, so no reason for 'all' or even 'most'.

> >    mod_proxy_ajp       # add to 'most' and 'all'
> >    mod_proxy_fcgi      # add to 'most' and 'all'
> >    mod_proxy_scgi      # add to 'most' and 'all'
> Isn't 'all' enough?  Pretty special-purpose, even tomcat is easier
> to manage from an http connector.

Most people I know use AJP for tomcat, and fcgi is supposed to become 
the recommended method for php. Therefore I would definitely prefer 
'most' for these two. Don't know about scgi.

> >    mod_ssl             # add to 'most' and 'all' (if ssl
> >    detected)
> There is a long debate about this, and in 2011 it likely doesn't
> matter so much, but this was disabled explicitly due to the varied
> and ever changing government policies on munitions.  It probably
> doesn't hurt to leave it at 'reallyall' when ssl is detected.  The
> other argument is to install it for most and all, on the premise
> that if crypto is forbidden, openssl is not present in a usable
> form.

Yes, that's my thought. If the openssl headers are in the default 
place, or there is a --with-ssl=/path on the command line, it's very 
unlikely that crypto is forbidden.

> >    mod_charset_lite    # add to 'most' and 'all'
> All, sure, if APU_HAS_ICONV, but most?  Pretty limited application.

More than mod_file_cache, IMHO. And of course enable only if the deps 
are fullfilled. 

> >    mod_echo
> All... noop if not configured.

I would consider this more an example module. Or is this really used 

> >    mod_isapi           # remove from 'reallyall' on unix
> No; leave it reallyall, it actually does work, and is probably as
> applicable as proxy_scgi.

OK, didn't know that. I thought it was completely useless on unix.

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