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From Joe Orton <>
Subject Re: load order dependency between mod_ldap and mod_authnz_ldap
Date Mon, 04 Jul 2011 09:11:05 GMT
On Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 03:19:37PM +0200, Graham Leggett wrote:
> mod_ldap - An LDAP shared memory cache
> mod_authnz_ldap - A user of the LDAP shared memory cache
> The LDAP API exposes way more functionality than mod_ldap exposes,
> so while you may have fixed the problem for the special case that is
> mod_authnz_ldap, you won't have fixed the problem for any other
> module that makes LDAP calls directly.

I don't see how this can be the basis of a veto.  You are stating that 
there exists a problem which this change does not fix; but that problem 
existed in the status quo ante, and it *was not the problem this change 
was intended to fix*.

> The v1.x LDAP API was removed from APR because it was an incomplete
> abstraction, and for this exact same set of reasons it is
> inappropriate to add it to httpd.

The API provided by mod_ldap was already an "incomplete abstraction" - 
this is not something that has been changed in this commit to httpd, so 
I cannot see how this can be the basis of a veto, as above.  The 
consensus vote in APR concluded precisely that the code was more 
appropriate for httpd than APR; you cannot twist the logic of that to 
pretend it implies the opposite.

> Over and above that, given that httpd has no library component
> common to all modules (well, it has, it's called APR), and given
> that the httpd core is inappropriate for an LDAP portability
> library, the only place to put the LDAP bindings is in mod_ldap,
> which means we either have to accept the module ordering problems
> that result, or we have to create optional functions for every
> single LDAP API call, and if we do that, we end up solving the
> reason apr_ldap was removed from APR in the first place.

a) "httpd core is inappropriate for an LDAP portability library"

-> this is an opinion, not technical justification for a veto.

b) "we end up solving the reason"

I don't understand that sentence, can you rephrase?

> In addition, we moved all portability code out of httpd in v2.0, it
> is a huge step backwards to go back on that effort. It is really
> ugly to have apr_xml, apr_dbd, apr_crypto and apr_dbm in APR, and
> then ap(r)_ldap somewhere else.

"it's ugly"... sure.  I agree with that, but I also think this change is 
a significant improvement.  Merely stating "it is ugly" is not 
sufficient basis for a veto.

> This is the essence of my veto.

I don't see technical basis for a veto here, unless you can clarify.

Regards, Joe

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