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From "Akins, Brian" <>
Subject Re: mod_lua Filter Hook?
Date Wed, 15 Jun 2011 23:09:46 GMT
On 6/15/11 6:26 PM, "HyperHacker" <> wrote:

> I'd been looking forward to mod_lua for a while now expecting it to
> work similarly to PHP (handle requests, send output without having to
> worry about how the httpd works). Is that not the case?

Brian M. can correct me, but the original intent for mod_lua (nee
mod_wombat) was when you needed to get at the internals of Apache, but
didn't want to write a full on C module.  Like needed nested if's for a
rewrite, a strange auth method, or whatever.  It was not really meant to be
a competitor to php, ruby, python, etc. for application development.

Brian Akins

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