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From "Gregg L. Smith" <>
Subject mod_ldap doesn't build
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2011 05:01:32 GMT
Hello again,

MSVC 2008 
I've been trying to follow along this shift of ldap from APU to httpd to remove it from APR2,
so my question is;

Does http trunk now have ldap in it?

If it does, why am I running into this?

util_ldap.c line 41

#error mod_ldap requires httpd to detect LDAP support

AP_HAS_LDAP is defined in ap_ldap.h, the only problem is, this header is not included in util_ldap.c.
It is included in util_ldap.h but only if AP_HAS_LDAP is defined.

Is this just needing to be define in the CFLAGS for the mod_ldap project? If I do this I get
redefinition warnings but mod_ldap builds.

c:\build3\httpd-head_r1139549\include\ap_ldap.h(185) : warning C4005: 'AP_LDAP_IS_SERVER_DOWN'
: macro redefinition
        c:\build3\httpd-HEAD_r1139549\include\util_ldap.h(35) : see previous definition of

Also, I am building with APU 1.4 HEAD, as far as I can see, apr_ldap is still there. Something
just seems a bit wonky here.



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