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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Universal setting for APR_HOOK_PROBES_ENABLED
Date Sat, 07 May 2011 00:38:06 GMT
APR_HOOK_PROBES_ENABLED is pretty nice, the rub is that, esp
in httpd, we have lots of modules which go ahead and include
apr_hooks.h on their own, making the setup of "universal"
probe hooks difficult.

Anyone have ideas on how to make it easier, either in
APR directly or in httpd? Maybe making some kind of
httpd_hooks.h file that includes some local local_hooks_probes.h
file (depending on some config-time setting) assuming
APR_HOOK_PROBES_ENABLED is set (ie: --enable-hook-probes
sets APR_HOOK_PROBES_ENABLED and httpd_hooks.h is

  #include "local_hooks_probes.h"
  #include "apr_hooks.h"

and no httpd files include apr_hooks.h directly...

That seems a very rough way to do it... :/

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