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From Reindl Harald <>
Subject Re: Security Issues
Date Mon, 30 May 2011 18:37:16 GMT

Am 30.05.2011 20:22, schrieb rascle:
> I am wondering if this will lead to any
> extra risk towards the 2 personal computers 
> or if it is only the server which is at risk?

if you forward port 80 only to the server the other machines
are not affected as long nobody hacks your server and gets full
control to use it for attackes to the other machines

> Obviously I understand that any computer connected to the internet can be
> hacked into etc, however by opening my Port 80 on the wireless router, as
> well as using a server, will this lead to an increased risk?

if tehre are only static files and you know what you do while configuring
your webserver it should be safe, if CGI/PHP and any other danamisc content
is used you have the same problems as every admin holding all components
on the latest patch-level and hope there are no crappy scripts

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