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From Alejandro Álvarez Ayllón <>
Subject mod_dav wrong assumption on PUT
Date Mon, 23 May 2011 14:22:15 GMT
Hello all,

I hope I chose the right list, because this is not an user question, but 
rather a comment on the code itself.

I am currently writing a provider for mod_dav: a WebDAV endpoint for the 
grid storage software we maintain in out section. The point is, due to 
the architecture of the software we need to redirect to the proper disk 
within the pool in each GET request, but also in each PUT. And I have 
seen mod_dav [incorrectly] assumes anything but a success is a 
forbidden. And from the standard:

"If the server desires that the request be applied to a different URI, 
it MUST send a 301 (Moved Permanently) response; the user agent MAY then 
make its own decision regarding whether or not to redirect the request."

So redirection on PUT is something defined in the standard.

Would it be possible to remove the assumption and use the provided 
status instead? Or there is, maybe, a way of jumping over this?


Alejandro Álvarez Ayllón

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