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From Keith Mashinter <>
Subject Re: id=51247 Enhance mod_proxy and _balancer with worker status flag to only accept sticky session routes
Date Wed, 25 May 2011 12:49:09 GMT
I've reviewed the other patch and
I had a similar idea, wondering if the route-only intent would happen if I tried to set lbfactor=0
but it only allowed values 1-100 and I worried about the complexity of changing the lbmethod
formulae so using a separate status code seemed cleaner.  It's a bit of a magic value, but
an intuitive one I think.  On the user surface lbfactor=0 requires less change than my ROUTE_ONLY
to the configuration and balancer-manager but it needs some documentation to clarify the intent.

I also attached a patch to for the
trunk, but since I'm having trouble with the overall compile it's "in theory".  Please forgive
compile issues, but I wanted to at least share the thought and will update when I can verify
a compile and test run.

In the end, either solution can work, and my hope is that multiple attempts at the same goal
make a stronger case to bring the functionality to the 2.2.x stream for people to enjoy sooner
rather than later.

Oh, and thanks for all who contribute to this common good.  I finally had an opportunity
to contribute back to Apache httpd after using it for many years.  If it contributes to either
idea of lbfactor=0 or ROUTE_ONLY making it to the trunk and 2.2.x then it's certainly worth
it.  If there isn't documentation changes for the lbfactor=0 I could take a stab at that
if it's the chosen solution.

\|/- Keith Mashinter

From: Daniel Ruggeri <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2011 8:27:23 PM
Subject: Re: id=51247 Enhance mod_proxy and _balancer with worker status flag to only accept
sticky session routes

On 5/24/2011 9:18 AM, Jim Jagielski wrote:
> I like the concept... will review.
> PS: Most patches should be against trunk. We fold into trunk,
>      test and only then propose for backport for 2.2.x
> On May 23, 2011, at 3:10 PM, Keith Mashinter wrote:
>> I've added a patch to the proxy/balancer to allow for route-only workers are only
enabled for sticky session routes, allowing for an even more graceful fade-out of a server
than making its lbfactor=1 compared to lbfactor=100 for others.
>> Please reply/vote if you also think it's useful.
>> This enhancement, actually SVN Patched against 2.2.19, provides a worker status
>> flag to set a proxy worker as only accepting requests with sticky session
>> routes, e.g. only accept requests with a .route such as Cookie
>> JSESSIONID=xxx.tc2.
>>  ...

I think there are two patches available to do the same thing - sorry for 
not following up on this sooner. I brought this up in conversation with 
Bill on this list back in October and haven't dug into it since.

I attached the patch to a bug opened by Cameron Stokes

I agree that this functionality would be nice to have but am agnostic as 
to which method accomplishes this :) They both seem to take different 
routes to get to the same goal.

Jim, if you wouldn't mind reviewing both and suggesting one to be 
cleaned up for a patch generated against trunk. I'm happy to volunteer 
the effort to adjust my patch or at least take care of that bug that's 
out there still.

Daniel Ruggeri
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