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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <>
Subject SSLRenegBufferSize
Date Tue, 03 May 2011 07:39:56 GMT
Can anyone remember why SSLRenegBufferSize is set at 128k (131072 bytes) currently by default

And if that is just an accidental default - or if deep thought has gone into it ? 

And what are the specific things which are likely to break if it is set significantly smaller*



*: I am still looking at some very rare fringe cases (which back in July I expected to having
to do with a hole in stacking) - where part of the (SSL) stack gets unhappy and somehow overloaded
and then may allow security bypassing - which I am only seeing a few times a month  -and only
when there is a high load of users with a long RTT (prolly unrelated).

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