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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Status of MinGW (httpd)
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2011 14:45:33 GMT
I know others have played on MinGW before, but I don't know how long
ago or what was attempted.  Here are my observations:


I've been building/running this with shared library builds of apr trunk.

* Only statically linked modules work AFAIK.
* If you build any of the modules that have their own
foo_DECLARE_EXPORT logic you need to add foo_DECLARE_EXPORT to
CPPFLAGS (kludge).
* I haven't tried with many different modules, especially not with
those which require extra third-party libraries (OpenSSL, Lua, etc.).
* There's a trunk-specific problem linking to PCRE because the PCRE
libs are specified within LDFLAGS; I don't have a fix for this yet,
and use a hack to relink it with "-L/path/to/pcre -lpcre" moved to a
later point in the command.


I've been building/running this with static library builds of apr
1.4.x/apr-util 1.3.x.

Differences from trunk:

* pcre linking problem does not exist (no issue)
* needs a couple of patches listed in STATUS to build practically
(each needs one more vote)
* needs another patch I'll post later to clean up boatloads of gcc
warnings in Windows code which drive some people crazy

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