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From "Stefan Fritsch">
Subject "RewriteRule ... /$1" considered harmful
Date Fri, 15 Apr 2011 09:08:26 GMT

a client used

RewriteRule ^/some/old/path/(.*)$ /$1

in his httpd config, in order to redirect some paths that are now
available directly under the document root. This has the problem that
mod_rewrite guesses if the substituted path is an URL or an absoulte local
path by looking at the first component of the substitution result. With
the above rule, this first component is controlled by the client which
causes security issues. For example,


does actually result in /etc/passwd being delivered to the client.

While this works as documented and secure behaviour can be obtained by
appending [PT] or [R], I think this behaviour makes it far too easy to
shoot onself in the foot.

My first idea for saner semantics would be:

- Don't try to guess what the user meant. Instead, treat the substitution
as URI unless some new option ([LOCALPATH]?) is given for the rule. In
this case, look for file system paths only.
- Add a new option for RewriteOptions to restore the old guessing behaviour.

What do you think?


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