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From "bswen" <>
Subject RE: RE: Cannot build httpd on Win 7 + VS2010
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2011 06:57:00 GMT
Hi Gregg,

The method you suggested works greatly, I've done it successfully:
	- perl -2005
	- VS 2008 conversion
	- VS 2101 conversion


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From: Gregg L. Smith [] 
Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 4:43 AM
Subject: Re: RE: Cannot build httpd on Win 7 + VS2010

Hi Bing,

This seems more like a user support question than for the dev list but here

As of the last releases (2.2.17 & 2.3.11) there were no .sln or .vcproj
files shipped in the sources. There are only the VC6 workspace & project
files (.dsw & .dsp). These are what the -2005 modifies and it must
be used.

VC 2010 will not inport & convert these VC6 files. The last VC version to do
so was 2008 (VC9). Therefore, at this stage you need to have a copy of VC
2008 also to do that. It will convert these VC6 files. After that import you
just Save all, then open in VC2010. It will then convert them to VC 2010
which is a slow process compared to the conversion from VC6 in VC 2008.

Quite frankly the best way to build on VC 2010 is on the command line with
nmake. I prefer the IDE myself, but I'm using VC2008 and am not fond of VC
2010 anyway.



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From: "bswen" <>
To: <>
Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2011 16:47:45 +0800
Subject: RE: Cannot build httpd on Win 7 + VS2010

I also tried the method suggested by
that uses "perl -2005" to first make VS2005 project files, but all
*.vcproj files cannot converted to VS2010. Does anybody know the reason?
(VS2008 had no problem, though.)


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From: Gabriel Petrovay [] 
Sent: Wednesday, October 27, 2010 4:56 AM
Subject: Re: Cannot build httpd on Win 7 + VS2010

I am still experimenting.

I don't think it's a permission problem. I am on a separate partition
with all the necessary rights.

I managed though to build it with nmake only with the "click one more
time" approach. So, by running nmake (NMAKE /f installd)
several times I managed to get over the 'tempfile.bat' errors. Does
this ring a bell?

In VS, they are errors. Trying to built according to:
-> during the first build, I got "header not found" errors complaining
about "apr.h"
-> (I tried one more time) starting from the 2nd build onwards, the
errors are LINK errors. "cannot find external symbol"

With the nmake build above i could finally build/debug the problem
mentioned in the other post (slow shutdown waiting for treads) (I see
that you already replied to that, and I am curious ;) )


On Tue, Oct 26, 2010 at 10:41 PM, Gregg L. Smith <> wrote:
> Hello Gabriel,
> I've run into this on xp, vista & 2008. Somehow source folders get put in
read only mode. Make them writable again and it will build. On Win7 if that
means putting it in Documents, so be it.
> As far as errors in IDE, you sure they are not warnings? 2 warnings per
project is what I see on 2010. I do not like 2010 so I haven't compiled
Apache with since I gave it a try after it's release.
> Gregg
> Original Message -----------------------
> Hi,
> Can you make Apache build on Windonws 7 and Visual Studio 2010?
> Neither the nmake nor the IDE builds work:
> nmake -f installd
> Error:
> aprutil.mak(1459) : fatal error U1054: cannot create inline file
> IDE:
> building project InstallBin
> => thousands of errors
> Are these build scripts/project maintained?
> Thanks!
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MSc Gabriel Petrovay
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