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From Brian McCallister <>
Subject a plan mod_lua and 2.4
Date Mon, 14 Mar 2011 23:51:59 GMT
I have been wrestling for a while now with how to advance the state of
mod_lua, but still have it be a core module. The key problem is that
mod_lua *isn't* especially mature yet, and a lot of the functionality
need to evolve. This doesn't go very well with being a core module,
and forward-incompat changes in stable being blocked until 2.6 :-)

I think the right path for this is to shrink the core mod_lua module
to be the *minimal* set for integration, and pull all the higher level
functionality into a non-core module, which uses the core mod_lua to
hook into the server.

The general scheme I think will work is that the core mod_lua includes
only the for managing lua_State lifecycles, accessing related structs
(request_rec, etc), and catching various hooks (under the new
directive model, "LuaHook <hook> <file> <function>".

This means things like the LuaMapHandler directive, parsing of form
data, etc will be removed from the core module.


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