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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject [PATCH] default_rel_runtimedir everywhere (Windows, NetWare)
Date Sun, 27 Mar 2011 15:30:38 GMT
For autoconf-based builds, DEFAULT_REL_RUNTIMEDIR is defined by the
layout machinery, which creates ap_config_layout.h.

For non-autoconf-based builds, there is no equivalent to
ap_config_layout.h.  Windows and NetWare MPMs define
DEFAULT_REL_RUNTIMEDIR in mpm_layout.h, but that is local to the MPM.
So no definition is visible to modules and other source files.  As a
work-around, several common source files have created their own
defaults when DEFAULT_REL_RUNTIMEDIR is not defined.

The attached patch creates a new os_layout.h for non-autoconf-based
builds (just Windows and NetWare) which defines
DEFAULT_REL_RUNTIMEDIR.  The workarounds from the several common
source files are removed.  Third-party modules can also depend on

Concerns (such as better name for the new file)?

No, I didn't test it :)  My Visual C++ Express setup for httpd is not
workable at present.

I will try to test the docgen stuff before I commit.

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