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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: ldap unreleasable
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2011 23:18:00 GMT
On 29 Mar 2011, at 12:13 AM, William A. Rowe Jr. wrote:

> /* LDAP cache state information */
> typedef struct util_ldap_state_t {
> ...
>    int connectionPoolTTL;
> } util_ldap_state_t;
> I'm continue to grow more worried that the state of ldap in httpd
> and in apr enjoys very little granularity, oversight, or quality...
> 1. Hungarian?  Forgot to eat breakfast that day?  Out of bounds
>    per httpd style rules.
> 2. int?  Really?  This is assigned an apr_interval_time_t in its
>    config code.
> Please review and fix the style violations, and ensure that timeouts
> are doing what they were meant to do.

Please be aware that the person who donated this code to us isn't an  
ASF person, and donated the code in good faith. If it doesn't fit our  
style guide, we should fix it, and show respect for their original  

Looks like mod_ssl needs some similar cleanup, there are still style  
violations in there, not limited to the examples below. Now would be a  
good time to overhaul style.

typedef struct {
} SSLConnRec;

typedef struct {
     pid_t           pid;
     apr_pool_t     *pPool;
     BOOL            bFixed;

     apr_global_mutex_t   *pMutex;
     apr_array_header_t   *aRandSeed;
     apr_hash_t     *tVHostKeys;
     void           *pTmpKeys[SSL_TMP_KEY_MAX];

     apr_hash_t     *tPublicCert;
     apr_hash_t     *tPrivateKey;

     const char     *szCryptoDevice;

     struct {
         void *pV1, *pV2, *pV3, *pV4, *pV5, *pV6, *pV7, *pV8, *pV9,  
     } rCtx;
} SSLModConfigRec;


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