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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: blocking Upgrade
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2011 15:08:56 GMT
On 30 Mar 2011, at 4:41 PM, Roy T. Fielding wrote:

> My guess is that it would if it were told to use a proxy for ws.
> Keep in mind that when I say proxy, I do not mean to include  
> "reverse proxy".
> A reverse proxy of websockets is just an implementation of  
> websockets or
> a tunnel.  I consider both to be pretty dangerous and better done in
> a special-purpose server rather than as a child of Apache httpd.

When you say "pretty dangerous", are you referring to the danger of  
reaching the limit of slots willing to be served by the server, or  
something else?

I would say that any server that supports the idea of long lived  
connections faces this danger, I don't see why httpd (suitably and  
sensibly configured obviously, probably with an event mpm and a limit  
as to the number of slots we allow to be long lived) can't play too.


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