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From Ted Zlatanov <>
Subject can mod_auth_ldap expose user's DN in environment (for custom logs)?
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2011 20:06:10 GMT
Sorry if this has been discussed before.  I couldn't find past mentions
after searching the archives.  If there's a better way than what I'm
suggesting, please let me know.

In addition to the user name I need the LDAP DN of the user in the
custom log.  That's available in mod_auth_ldap but not exposed.  I
propose to modify modules/ldap/util_ldap.c:uldap_cache_comparedn() to
(optionally?) store the DN in a "LDAP_DN" environment variable which can
then be shown in the custom log and used in other ways.

The actual code is trivial, just a 

setenv("LDAP_DN, node->dn, 0);

before "result = LDAP_COMPARE_TRUE;", though of course if it's made
optional it will require more verbiage.


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