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From Mark Montague <>
Subject Re: Need information about Apache module development.
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2011 11:08:43 GMT is for discussions related to development of httpd 
itself.  Your questions below are more appropriate for the Third Party 
Module Authors' List.  See

> A rules execution engine that is able to accept the request, evaluate 
> a set of ops defined rules and execute various responses. There are 
> preference of using DROOLS fusion.Any functionality in Apache based on 
> Rules ?

Most Apache HTTP Server configuration directives can be thought of as 
rules.  But this is probably not very helpful.

Note that Drools is written in Java, while Apache HTTP Server is written 
in C.  If you want to use Drools, you may want to consider using a web 
server that is written in Java.

> What are the approaches need to be taken for dynamic load 
> balancing.Like suppose I have 3 instances of Apache is running and due 
> to some issue one of the instance goes down.I would expect the traffic 
> should be balanced properly by the existing 2 instances.

This will not happen unless you have a load balancer that is external to 
Apache HTTP Server.

> For load balancing apart from mod_proxy_balancer any other Apache 
> modules can be worth looking into?

mod_proxy_balancer runs on a front-end (proxy) server to balance 
requests that the front-end server receives between multiple back-end 
servers.  If one of the back-end servers goes down, the front-end server 
will detect this and split the traffic betweent the remaining back-end 
servers.   However, this may not be what you want.

> As and alert broadcast engine that has the ability to distribute an 
> events to multiple end sources.

Apache HTTP Server is not a broadcast engine.  This is functionality 
that you would have to write and include in your module.

> As a  storage layer that allows for data persistence for long term 
> tracking of keys and values. We have the target of good performance.Is 
> it going to be good using Apache or any other webserver would be 
> suggestion.

Apache HTTP Server is not a storage layer.  Apache HTTP Server just 
processes HTTP requests.  In order to process these requests, Apache 
HTTP Server normally serves files from some filesystem or other storage 
layer which is external to Apache HTTP Server itself.  (Normally, this 
would be some local filesystem such as ext3 or NTFS; but it could also 
be a remote or distributed filesystem such as NFS, CIFS, or AFS.  In 
turn, the remote filesystem could be based on iSCSI, FibreChannel, or 
other technologies.)

> Inputs would be very much appreciated.
> Many thanks in advance

Good luck.

   Mark Montague

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