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From Christian Folini <>
Subject A timestamp for mod_log_forensic (?)
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2011 13:23:57 GMT
Hi there,

Mod_log_forensic is saving my day while debugging a crashing 
apache. But matching the right request with the crash and its 
corefile is difficult.

Ideally the log would show me only the active requests 
at the moment the server died. But in my case things are a bit
more difficult. The delta between incoming requests and those
finished is bigger.

So I matched the entries of the finished requests with the
access log entries to get a more or less accurate timestamp
for all those requests that never finished, so I could match
them with the crash. But that is very complicated of course.

So, is there anything speaking against a timestamp for the 
forensic log?

The format right now looks as follows
+yQtJf8CoAB4AAFNXBIEAAAAA|GET /manual/de/images/down.gif HTTP/1.1|Host:localhost%3a8080| etc.

A format with a microtimestamp could look as follows:

+956166333.123456|yQtJf8CoAB4AAFNXBIEAAAAA|GET /manual/de/ ...


+yQtJf8CoAB4AAFNXBIEAAAAA|956166333.123456|GET /manual/de/ ...


+yQtJf8CoAB4AAFNXBIEAAAAA|GET /manual/de/ ... |956166333.123456|

Best regards,

Christian Folini

Christian Folini - <>

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