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From Carsten Wiedmann <>
Subject Re: Loadable Module debugging Apache 2.2.17 Windows.
Date Wed, 09 Feb 2011 08:39:07 GMT
Hello Zeno,

> Question: What does Apache use the SystemPath for? Does
> Apache_MSI-Installer for Windows install some Apache DLL into the
> System Path during the Setup? I will Google this now.

If you start Apache with the "GUI" (Apache monitor), Apache is started 
as Windows service.
--> a Windows service only nows the system $PATH (it's having it's own 
environment) and thus Apache / modules can only find DLLs in these dirs.

If you start Apache as console app with httpd.exe, it's using your user 
environment. In this case system $path and user $path are merged and 
Apache / modules can find DLLs in all those dirs.


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