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From Zeno Davatz <>
Subject Re: Different vhosts.conf between Apache 2.2.17 for Windows and Apache for Linux 2.2.14-rc1 - issue 25435?
Date Thu, 10 Feb 2011 10:32:28 GMT
Dear G√ľnter

Thanks for the reply.

On Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 10:22 AM, Guenter Knauf <> wrote:

> Am 10.02.2011 09:48, schrieb Zeno Davatz:
>> It seems that Apache for Windows interprets vhosts.conf files
>> differently then Apache for Linux does. I am asking this question
>> related to mod_ruby. Both Apaches (Linux and Windows) start fine with
>> loaded.
>> This vhosts.conf file on Linux Apache 2.2.14-r1 works just fine. Ruby
>> is executed:
>> this vhosts.conf file on Windows Apache 2.2.17
>> delivers the index.rbx file as plain text instead of executing it as
>> Ruby-Script. The vhosts.conf file was modified because of below issue.
>> It seems to me that this is connected to this issue here:
>> Is it normal, that a vhosts.conf on Linux can _not_ be assumed to work
>> on Windows as well? Or is this an issue with mod_ruby not yet working
>> correctly with Apache for Windows? Ruby is in my System path on
>> Windows.
> I have not (yet) looked at your links, but want to give you another hint
> which might (or not) reveal some differences between your Linux and Win32
> installation: load mod_info on both boxes, and try to compare the config
> directives; usually if you use a httpd from Linux distro the configuration
> is splitted into several config files, and also distros come along with
> their own modified mime.types and magic files ...
> this can all cause different behaviour ...

Ok, I am comparing the server-info files now but I have not yet found
more information that I had not already found in my config file. Our
assumption of one thing that does seem different between Linux and
Windows is that Windows seems to need a

AddHandler cgi-script .rbx

where our Gentoo-Linux does not need that in mod_ruby.conf.

But so far that did not help on Windows. Also my
C:\Apache2.2\conf\extra\mod_ruby.conf file has the following lines:

  <Files *.rbx>
    SetHandler ruby-object
    RubyHandler Apache::RubyRun.instance

my C:\Apache2.2\conf\vhots\ has those as well
(suggestion of Tom from yesterday, but Tom is not a Windows User). Now
if I comment those lines out, either in mod_ruby.conf or in my I get the same result: index.rbx is just displayed as
a text file on Windows.

server-info on my Windows Vista shows me all my mod_ruby Module
Directives nicely so I guess that module is really loaded on windows
and does work.

Another reason that I am asking these "beginner" questions is that
AFAIK mod_ruby never really was tested with Apache for Windows as the
Author of mod_ruby (Shugo-san) does not have a Windows Machine.


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