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From Gregory Boyce <>
Subject Bug 50807 - mod_proxy issue with half-closed connections
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2011 15:12:02 GMT

Last week I filed this bug report on mod_proxy and I was hoping to get a
confirmation from you if you agree that this is in fact a bug or if there
may be something that I'm missing.

Essentially what I discovered is that when Apache/mod_proxy is acting as a
reverse proxy in front of a website, and the remote webserver sends a FIN in
order to close the connection, Apache does not send the corresponding FIN
packet to fully close the connection until the next time that child process
is used.

I've reproduced this issue on a Ubuntu desktop and the local end of the TCP
connection was left open for 3 days until I finally send another request
through the proxy.

This issue ended up causing me some problems when my proxy was going forward
to a Brocade load balancer that was leaving these TCP sessions half open for
30 minutes.  The next time a process attempted to use the same source port
to go forward to the load balancer, the load balancer failed to respond to
the SYN packets since it was still waiting for a FIN from the previous
connection.  Dropping the timeout on the load balancer to 2 minutes helped,
but the Apache behavior here seems incorrect to me.

Any insights into why the FINs aren't being sent?


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