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From Zeno Davatz <>
Subject Different vhosts.conf between Apache 2.2.17 for Windows and Apache for Linux 2.2.14-rc1 - issue 25435?
Date Thu, 10 Feb 2011 08:48:09 GMT

It seems that Apache for Windows interprets vhosts.conf files
differently then Apache for Linux does. I am asking this question
related to mod_ruby. Both Apaches (Linux and Windows) start fine with loaded.

This vhosts.conf file on Linux Apache 2.2.14-r1 works just fine. Ruby
is executed:

this vhosts.conf file on Windows Apache 2.2.17

delivers the index.rbx file as plain text instead of executing it as
Ruby-Script. The vhosts.conf file was modified because of below issue.
It seems to me that this is connected to this issue here:

Is it normal, that a vhosts.conf on Linux can _not_ be assumed to work
on Windows as well? Or is this an issue with mod_ruby not yet working
correctly with Apache for Windows? Ruby is in my System path on

Thank you for your Feedback.


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