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From Zeno Davatz <>
Subject Re: Loadable Module debugging Apache 2.2.17 Windows.
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2011 13:54:22 GMT
Dear Igor

2011/2/8 Igor Galić <>:
>> As explained here
>> I have build against MinGW and the Windows-Installer lib
>> and include files. The module compiled fine.
>> Apache 2.2.17 on Windows starts fine from the commandline if I type
>> "httpd". Also
>> httpd -M shows me that the Ruby Module was loaded:
>> -but-
>> if I try to start Apache from Windows GUI (bottom right corner)
>> Apache
>> will not start. The Windows System Protocol tells me that the Module
> Can you start it "manually" from the console?

Yes, I can start it manually from the console.


is in my path and if I type


into the console Apache 2.2.17 starts and I also get an "It works!" if
I type localhost into the URL-Bar of the Browser.,

>> could not be loaded. If I open with
> Usually it will tell you a reason why something cannot be loaded.

Yes, that is the strange part as starting from the console works but
staring from the GUI does not work.


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