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From Zeno Davatz <>
Subject MinGW and Apache on Windows
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2011 10:14:18 GMT

1. I read on that MinGW does not support shared memory
and therefor Apache can not be build using MinGW*. Is this still

Currently I am trying to compile the following Apache dll's against MinGW:

libapr-1 libaprutil-1 libhttpd

But that results in the following errors:

The steps I followed are the same as

Nimrod A. Abing

done here:

Any hints are welcome.

2. Has this change made it into Apache?

3. General question, that nobody wanted to answer on users@apache (I
also asked Nick Kew):

If I compiled Ruby, and mod_ruby (still results in some linkage
errors) against MinGW on Windows and now I want to load
into Apache for Windows, will that work? I know that Apache for
Windows is compiled by W. Rowe using Visual Studio.

Generally it would be really helpful if the Apache Foundation would ad
some more documentation on Dealing with Apache on Windows with MinGW.
MinGW is gaining fast for Windows users as it is a lot leaner the

Thank you for your Feedback.

I am willing to pay to get this done. If you feel capable please
contact me offlist.


PS: I am a Linux User running Windows Vista via VirtualBox on Gentoo.


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