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From Alexander GQ Gerasiov>
Subject Configurable suexec bin
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2011 17:04:53 GMT
Hello there.

Some days ago I found that I'm tired of original suexec which is
shipped with apache.
I have two issues:

1.I'd like to configure it with config file, not with rebuilding,
because I use modern OS with package system and don't want to depend on
self-compiled components.
2.I'd like to use apache2+fcgid+suexec+php5. But with original suexec I
had to put dumb script to every users docroot, which only
execs /usr/bin/php-cgi. So I just want to allow suexec execute some
commands out of docroot tree and owned by the users other that one we
setuid to.

That's why I created a little bit patched version of suexec, called

Please take a look at this small project and comment. I tried not to
lessen security a lot, but may be I've made some errors.

I plan to upload it to Debian, so I could use apache+fcgid+suexec+php5
out of the box on any Debian server.

PS Yes, I know about mpm-itk, but for some reason, I prefere threaded
mpm + suexec

Best regards,
 Alexander GQ Gerasiov

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