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From Mohamed Mohamed <>
Subject OCSP support on Nokia s60 mobile browser
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2011 16:34:12 GMT
My problem is that, the Nokia s60 mobile browser is able to access my web
server although the certificate of this server has been revoked, so how can
I find a way to deny Nokia mobile browser from accessing the server when
server’s certificate had been revoked. Mr. Joe had told me to enable OCSP
stapling, I have done, but later I knew that the client should support this
extension in order to receive the responses about the server certificate

I suggested modifying the source code of the apache web server to include
OCSP query about its certificate. Another idea is to let the client do its
own check, but I don’t know if I can modify the mobile browser to be able to
send OCSP request, or to implement an application (it should be integrated
with the browser ) that send this request instead of the browser , Just I
need a logical and easy to implement idea to solve such problem.

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