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From "" <>
Subject Inserting protocol filters into chains with no resource filters
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2011 12:43:15 GMT

I've encountered an issue with add_any_filter_handle().  Let me explain the 

My understanding of filter chains is that they form a linked list with three 
entry points.  The entry points correspond to resource filters, protocol filters 

and connection filters.  Depending on the filters present, these entry points 

overlap, but the order must be: resource filters <= protocol filters <= 
connection filters.

I have a module that sets up a filter chain from scratch, with perhaps unusual 
characteristics.  I've noticed that if the chain has no resource filters and you 

try to add a protocol filter, then the protocol filter entry point moves to 
accommodate new filter, but the resource filter entry point remains unchanged.

For example, before add_any_filter_handle() the chain looks like this:
filter1 (protocol)  <- resource filters <- protocol filters
filter2 (connection) <- connection filters

After adding another protocol filter:
new filter(protocol) <- protocol filters
filter1 (protocol) <- resource filters
filter2 (connection) <- connection filters

I'd expect that traversing the chain starting at the resource filters entry 
point would pass by every filter, hence the expected result would be:

new filter(protocol) <- resource filters <- protocol filters
filter1 (protocol)
filter2 (connection) <- connection filters

I've extracted the add_any_filter_handle code from httpd trunk and created a 
unit test.

With my "patch" enabled, add_any_filter_handle() functions as I'd 
expect.  When the patch is disabled, via conditional compilation, the test2() 
function fails.

I'd like to know if there's a valid reason for the current behaviour, or if the 
fix I've posted is appropriate.


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