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From Kevin J Walters <>
Subject non thread safe functions used in apache httpd project
Date Wed, 12 Jan 2011 10:29:51 GMT


Whilst looking at a thread safety issue in mod_fastcgi, i noticed
there's some suspicious looking code in apache httpd project.

server/mpm_common.c (2.2.17) has two functions ap_uname2id and
ap_gname2id which call getpwnam and getgrnam, two non-reentrant

Comparing with typical apr code that tends to have an #ifdef to
select function() vs function_r().

Perhaps ap_uname2id and ap_gname2id are not executed concurrently by
the current code base but if these are general purpose functions they
should be more cautious/safe?

Has the whole apache httpd 2.x project been scanned for use of
non-reentrant function calls?



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