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From Jim Van Fleet <>
Subject Performance fix in event mpm
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2011 17:21:08 GMT
I have been developing an application using apache 2.2 on linux 2.6.  My test 
environment creates a very heavy workload and puts a strain on every thing.  

I would get good performance for a while and as the load ramped up, performance 
would quickly get very bad.  Erratically, transactions would finish quickly or 
take a very long time -- tcpdump analysis showed millisecond or seconds between 
responses. Also, the recv queue got very large.

I noticed that ap_queue_pop removes elements from the queue LIFO rather than 
FIFO.  Also noticed that apr_queue_pop uses a different technique which is not 
too expensive and is fifo, so I changed ap_queue/pop/push to use that technique 
and the receive problems went away.

snippet from ap_queue_pop (push is similar with appropriate changes to the 
fd_queue_t struct)

#if 1
    ap_assert(!ap_queue_full(queue));  /* we'd never expect the queue to be 
full, so for debug, we check */

#if 1
    elem = &queue->data[queue->in];
    queue->in = (queue->in + 1) % queue->bounds;
    elem = &queue->data[queue->nelts];
    elem->sd = sd;
    elem->cs = cs;
    elem->p = p;

Please let me know if you think this change is appropriate and/or if you'd like 
more data

Jim Van Fleet

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