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From Brian McCallister <>
Subject Re: Inspiration for mod_lua
Date Thu, 30 Dec 2010 20:37:16 GMT
2010/12/28 Igor Galić <>:
> Hey folks,
> I'm looking for some inspiration on how to make good use of
> mod_lua. Those familiar with its documentation, might find
> it a little bit lacking in this regard.

My original aim (and what I still use mod_wombat for) is various small
modules I don't want to be bothered using C for, but which need to run
in a threaded MPM (making mod_python/mod_perl not viable options).

Auth against a remote service, interaction with shared memory for some
other things on the box, graylisting access control, etc.

I know it has also been used in the wild for browser sniffing for
mobile devices, which means updating things frequently.

A very nice use case I have seen is basically using it as the initial
impl for things that will eventually become conventional C modules,
once the functionality is understood and stabilises enough to make it
worth it.



> I've got an elaborate project plotted out, which I'll implement
> real soon now, but what I'm chiefly looking for is what mod_lua
> has promised us: A cure for mod_rewrite.
> Please share your particularly ugly, involved, unaesthetic or
> otherwise /wrong/ solutions done with mod_rewrite because it
> was the only hammer available for the screws at that time ;)
> To extend our gallery:
> on one hand, and on the other to find inspiration to solve the
> (more involved?) problems - if possible or sensible - in mod_lua.
> So long,
> i
> --
> Igor Galić
> Tel: +43 (0) 664 886 22 883
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