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From Kaspar Brand <>
Subject Re: Fwd: [users@httpd] SSLRequire & UTF-8 characters
Date Wed, 22 Dec 2010 08:37:03 GMT
On 20.12.2010 22:28, Stefan Fritsch wrote:
> The problem is that ssl_var_lookup can be called for an open 
> connection before the request_rec is created. In the current trunk, 
> this does not seem to be done for the SSL_*_DN variables, but it is 
> done for other variables like SSL_CLIENT_S_DN_CN. So the question is: 
> Do we accept that modules which may call ssl_var_lookup for SSL_*_DN 
> without request_rec may get the result in an unexpected format?

My answer is yes - I consider it acceptable (if others disagree, please
say so). I can't think of many cases where processing
SSL_{CLIENT,SERVER}_{I,S}_DN *before* having read the request is really
useful, especially not outside mod_ssl.

Looking at what other modules make use of ssl_var_lookup, we actually
find that all of them call it at a time when the request_rec
is indeed available:

            result = rewrite_ssl_lookup(r->pool, r->server, r->connection, r,
                                        var + 4);

        const char *val = header_ssl_lookup(r->pool, r->server,
                                            r->connection, r, name);

        if ((envvar = ap_proxy_ssl_val(r->pool, r->server, r->connection, r,

For testing purposes, I have created the attached sample cert, which
includes a few, umm, special features - to allow testing the rendering
of the SSL_CLIENT_S_DN_* variables, in particular. It's a PKCS#12 file
with an empty password, so the cert can be imported into a browser 
for client authentication test. To get a better picture of what's
included in the DN, "openssl x509 -nameopt sep_multiline,show_type ..."
can be used.


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