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From Dan Poirier <>
Subject disk cache file rename errors on Windows
Date Tue, 23 Nov 2010 18:21:37 GMT
We're seeing errors like this from mod_disk_cache on Windows only:

(OS 5)Access is denied.  : disk_cache: rename tempfile to datafile
failed: c:/temp/HTTPServer7/aptmpV0JKJ8 ->

under moderate to heavy load, resulting in requests failing.

This is with Apache 2.2.8, but reproducible under 2.2.17 as well.  With
2.2.17, enabling the cache lock changes the errors to failures stat'ing
the lock files, but we still get errors.

Bug 39216 might be related, but applying that patch didn't solve the
problem, or at least, not completely.  It's a little hard to reproduce
reliably, so it's hard to tell if the patch helped, but we definitely
still see errors.

I suspect this is due to other threads having the files open at the same
time, but don't have any real evidence of that other than the error
we're seeing.

Any ideas about solving this problem?


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