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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: RFC: mod_ssl output buffering
Date Fri, 05 Nov 2010 18:54:13 GMT
Interesting stuff. I patched trunk and ran the test suite (using OpenSSL 

All tests pass for MPMs prefork, worker,event on Solaris 10 (but maybe 
you knew that already).

I didn't really check the intended functionality though.

Compilation showed two trivial warnings:

ssl_engine_io.c: In function `flush_coalesced_data':
ssl_engine_io.c:1348: warning: long unsigned int format, apr_size_t arg 
(arg 8)
ssl_engine_io.c: In function `ssl_io_filter_coalesce':
ssl_engine_io.c:1422: warning: long unsigned int format, apr_size_t arg 
(arg 8)

Both are about trace logging, using %lu for ctx->bytes resp. len. Using 
APR_SIZE_T_FMT instead of "lu" fixes those.

There are some strange lines in the switch which is part of 
bio_filter_out_ctrl() (the part starting with "PENDING"; note the 
"break" in the previous line):

  227     case BIO_CTRL_GET_CLOSE:
  228         ret = (long)bio->shutdown;
  229         break;
  230       case BIO_CTRL_SET_CLOSE:
  231         bio->shutdown = (int)num;
  232         break;
  233         /* _PENDING is interpreted as "pending to read" - since this
  234          * is a *write* buffer, return zero. */
  235         ret = 0L;
  236         break;

Finally: I wasn't able to find eeeko, only eeko [1] and eeek [2]. Though 
there is eeeko! [3].

Have a nice weekend



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