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From "Brian J. France" <>
Subject Log file rotation patch
Date Fri, 05 Nov 2010 01:26:14 GMT
While at ApacheCon I am working on getting a patch for log file rotation and would like to
get some feed back.

With the current patch, see link below, it changes the syntax to ErrorLog to this:

  ErrorLog file-path|syslog[:facility] [rotating[:<interval>]]


  ErrorLog "logs/error_log" rotating

  ErrorLog "logs/error_log" rotating:30

This enables rotation check to be preformed on the error log and allows changing of the check
interval from the default 60 seconds.

The patch is using functionality from apr trunk and adds a new set function for the interval.

I still need to work out the CustomLog and TransferLog, I am thinking like this:

  CustomLog file|pipe format|nickname [env=[!]environment-variable] [rotating[:<interval>]]

There is one security issue that people may have a problem with in that the directory path
for the log file has to be writeable by the User that apache drops privilege to.  This is
because all the children will need to re-open the log file and the first one will create it.

This is all based on http-trunk and apr-trunk and will need to be split up, just looking for
feed back.

If this does get accept, what are the chances of getting it in to 2.4 and the rotation code
back ported to apr-1.5?


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