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From Igor Galić <>
Subject Developer documentation
Date Sun, 28 Nov 2010 02:32:30 GMT

Hi folks,

There's a PR, over three years old now:

complaining about the accuracy of the debugging documentation.
Taking a look at it, I found that s/POOL_DEBUG/APR_POOL_DEBUG/
is an easy fix, but as far as the rest goes, this is near
impossible for your run-of-the-mill docs@ contributor.

Looking further, I found a number of disharmonics.
The only place ALLOC_DEBUG is referenced is in test/
Most of the stuff in there hasn't been touched since a
license header update 2006. What is test/?*trunk*/developer/
Welcomes us to
``Developer Documentation for Apache *2.0*''

The first topic discusses is ``Apache *1.3* API Notes''

Rich has linked the autogenerated doxygen reference
on his server as external resource. That's cool -
but would probably make a better picture if it was hosted
on httpd.a.o ;)
Trafficserver has it's doxygen generated by buildbot:

And then we have:

This, sadly, doesn't even reference the above documentation.
Instead we here have the original writeup of the 1.3 API,
which seems the most complete reference on how the damn
thing works^Hed we have.


Generally speaking: I'd like to see more of the external
stuff internally, and have the internal stuff reference
2.3+ instead of 1.3.

For starters: A friendly word in Infra's direction should
get us the doxygen docs built nightly and published via
SvnPubSub (wherever convenient).

So long,

Igor Galić

Tel: +43 (0) 664 886 22 883

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