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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject mod_cache: final API cleanups
Date Tue, 21 Sep 2010 23:59:24 GMT
Hi all,

Given the number of MMN bumps that mod_cache is generating, I'd like  
to bump the MMN just once for the following changes that need to be  
made (happy to bump the MMN for each one as well, don't know how  
people feel):

- Remove the MOD_CACHE_REQUEST_REC hack.

The mod_cache filter context structure specific to the mod_cache  
parent module, cache_request_rec, was not available to any of the API  
functions, and so as a kludge workaround to not changing the API, the  
structure was attached to a memory pool and passed around under the  

This hack needs to be removed, and the structure passed as a simple  
parameter like all the other structures.

- Move all of the following functions to cache_util.h, as none of  
these are public outside of the parent mod_cache, nor do they need to  
be namespaced either:

CACHE_DECLARE(int) ap_cache_check_freshness(cache_handle_t *h,  
cache_request_rec *cache,
                                             request_rec *r);
CACHE_DECLARE(apr_status_t) ap_cache_try_lock(cache_server_conf *conf,
         cache_request_rec *cache, request_rec *r, char *key);
CACHE_DECLARE(apr_status_t) ap_cache_remove_lock(cache_server_conf  
         cache_request_rec *cache, request_rec *r, char *key,
         apr_bucket_brigade *bb);
CACHE_DECLARE(void) ap_cache_accept_headers(cache_handle_t *h,  
request_rec *r,
                                             int preserve_orig);
CACHE_DECLARE(cache_provider_list *)ap_cache_get_providers(request_rec  
*r, cache_server_conf *conf, apr_uri_t uri);

- The following function is deprecated already, remove it:

CACHE_DECLARE(apr_table_t *)ap_cache_cacheable_hdrs_out(apr_pool_t  
                                                         apr_table_t *t,
                                                         server_rec *s);

- Resolve the TODO and the FIXME documented in mod_cache.h:

/* XXX TODO On the next structure change/MMN bump,
  * count must become an apr_off_t, representing
  * the potential size of disk cached objects.
  * Then dig for
  * "XXX Bad Temporary Cast - see cache_object_t notes"
typedef struct cache_object cache_object_t;
struct cache_object {
     const char *key;
     cache_object_t *next;
     cache_info info;
     /* Opaque portion (specific to the implementation) of the cache  
object */
     void *vobj;
     /* FIXME: These are only required for mod_mem_cache. */
     apr_size_t count;   /* Number of body bytes written to the cache  
so far */
     int complete;
     apr_uint32_t refcount;  /* refcount and bit flag to cleanup  
object */

- Move the following structures private to the mod_cache parent module  
to cache_util.h:


After this, I suspect the big cache API cleanup should be complete.


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