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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: htaccess support
Date Mon, 27 Sep 2010 13:38:38 GMT
On 27 Sep 2010, at 1:44 PM, Igor Galić wrote:

> I remotely remember that we briefly touched this topic on IRC, but  
> I'd really like to
> bring this to the lists attention:
> .htaccess is one of the features that have guaranteed httpd's  
> success in the past, and
> at the same time it's the single biggest clutch imaginable. It's a  
> support nightmare,
> exploit vector and a performance bottleneck.
> Most competing products don't have such a thing either, and if  
> needed, solve it via
> scripting:
> (first hit in google, I'm sure you can do better)
> I'd like to discuss the possibility to either disable the use  
> of .htaccess at
> compile time, or alternatively concentrate it into a module.
> With mod_lua in place, people who chose to, could use yet a  
> different way for
> per-dir configs, I suppose...

I'm not entirely sure what purpose would be served by  
touching .htaccess at all.

.htaccess files are what they are, a way to configure the server at  
request time. For obvious reasons, with a server where the  
configuration is parsed on startup and then shared amongst all  
children processes using copy-on-write, any attempt at configuring the  
server at request time will be significantly slower by definition.  
Giving an unprivileged user the power to change the config of the  
server has security implications again by definition. But on the other  
hand, configuring at request time may be the only choice an admin has,  
and .htaccess is a very simple solution that fills that bill.

The strength of the httpd server lies in it's ability to be  
customised. If your particular usecase doesn't require .htaccess,  
simple switch them off and don't use them. We've had alternative  
config mechanisms for years, such as the ability to configure the  
server from mod_perl, I don't see any reason why mod_lua can't work  
right now in addition to everything else, or why any support of lua  
has to have anything at all to do with .htaccess.

I am wondering however why there is a "use X instead of Y" meme  
floating around, instead of the far more practical "offer X in  
addition to Y". Let end users use X if they want to. X doesn't need to  
be shipped by default with httpd if it's particularly large.

Having looked at the config mechanism in the past, the interface to  
the mechanism could probably be improved. Rather than the hard coded  
idea that a "file" is being parsed (in the form of a file descriptor),  
it would make far more sense that a generic callback function was  
provided that said "give me one line of config, I shall parse it". How  
those lines came into existence (read from file, generated as output  
of a lua script, bash script, perl script, database lookup, etc etc  
etc) becomes less important.


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