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From Sergio Junqueira <>
Subject Apache logging
Date Fri, 10 Sep 2010 23:25:10 GMT
I have a suggestion for the developers of Apache related to mod_log_config or 

1) To allow mod_log_config to write the log file with a first log entry with 
basic information about the request before it's processed further (that is, 
after receiving the headers). The second log entry (the current logging format) 
would be written after the request processing. A "log ID", just like the 
"forensic ID", should be available on both entries.

2)- Or to allow mod_log_forensic to be configured not to write all headers to 
disk. For instance, we should be able to configure it just like we do with 
LogFormat on mod_log_config. Or at least allow us to choose to write just the 
1st request line, without all the headers.


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