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From Stefan Fritsch>
Subject Re: Apache logging
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2010 08:11:06 GMT
On Monday 13 September 2010, Sergio Junqueira wrote:
> >Do you need the first entry to determine which request may have
> >caused httpd to  crash or is there a different reason?
> Mod_log_forensics writes the log record as soon as it is received. 
> Mod_log_config writes the log record after the response is
> available. I donĀ“t  want to miss information about any request.
> Its  important to identify all incoming requests, no matter if
> they fail or succeed.
> I would like to trace them having a small log record from the
> incoming requests. Useful to determine which request may have
> caused httpd to crash, as you  mentioned, and to have 100%
> guarantee that all incoming requests were logged before Apache
> started processing it.
> Does mod_log_config always writes a log record for all incoming
> requests, no matter where or when they failed in the processing
> chain? If this is the case, mod_log_config provides the %D format
> to determine when the incoming request was received and it seems
> the current mod_log_config record would provide the information I
> need.

No, if a child crashes, there is only an entry in the error log about 
the crash but no details about the requests in progress.  
Mod_log_forensics would be an easier way to get those than 
mod_whatkilledus (which requires recompiling with --enable-exception-
hook IIRC).

Sergio, it would be nice if you could file an enhancement request in 
bugzilla, so that this idea is not lost.


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