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From Paul Fee <>
Subject Re: OS Keep-alive on forward proxy
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2010 11:55:25 GMT
Rainer Jung wrote:

> The default worker for forward proxying does not use connection pooling
> in the naive sense. It closes each connection after each request.

Regardless of pooling, since that's httpd's internal implmentation, is there 
a reason for defaulting to non-persistent TCP connections on the wire?

I've read that the HTTP/1.0 protocol's specification for persistence was 
weak and that Netscape Navigator's "Proxy-Connection: keep-alive" header 
didn't fix the issue.  Therefore for HTTP/1.0 mod_proxy would not create a 
persistent connection to the next hop (e.g. the origin server).

However my understanding was that for HTTP/1.1 the protocol was good enough 
to work correctly over proxy chains and that the hop-by-hop "connection" 
header was adequate for negotiating each step on route from the client to 
the origin server.

I would like mod_proxy to use persistent connections for HTTP/1.1, are there 
reasons for sacrificing this performance improvement?


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