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From Guenter Knauf <>
Subject Re: [PRERELEASE TARBALLS] httpd-2.3.8
Date Tue, 24 Aug 2010 22:04:03 GMT
Hi all,
Am 24.08.2010 18:42, schrieb Jim Jagielski:
> The pre-release test tarballs for httpd-2.3.8 (alpha) are
> available for download, test and fun:
> Will call for a release vote in a coupla days...
I know that this topic was already up here, but nevertheless I think we 
should re-think about including PCRE again.
Other than openssl or zlib PCRE is a mandatory dependency like APR/APU, 
and I see no benefit in dropping it from our dependencies deliveries 
other than making tarballs smaller, and that is nowadays certainly not 
an issue anymore.
We want Apache to build form source on at many platforms as possible - 
sure the main target is Linux / Unix, but we have a couple of other 
platforms where PCRE is not installed by default, that are at least 
Win32, NetWare, most likely OS/2, and probably a couple of others too.
I tried to build 2.3.7 already for NetWare and Win32, and while NetWare 
went fine only because I have an (self) adapted makefile (from previous 
times when we shipped PCRE), the Win32 stuff is horrible: there comes 
some suggestion up that I should build PCRE with CMake with xxx option; 
1st I have to download CMake and depend on another build tool (ok, not 
that big issue), but whats even more worse is that the CMake build 
failed for me, and thats really bad - you cant just go and build httpd 
as you do on Linux, no! Your build process is always interupted, and 
probably as in my case finally broken at all.
Hey, friends, we do much better with 2.2.x where we ship PCRE: we have 
our own makefile, and the build goes through in one go without need for 
other tools like CMake - just the compiler and probably a platform PDK 
are enough (and thats how it shoud be).
Therefore I want to start a vote here again where we vote for including 
PCRE again with the dependencies - just as we (now) do with APR/APU;
and everyone who votes against should give some good reasons what speaks 
against -- the fact that every Linux comes with PCRE is certainly no 
good reason - it only leads finally to the fact that we might end up 
with 50 builds of httpd 2.after-2.x with different PCE versions which 
makes then nice bug hunting, and we cant even tell someone who faces a 
prob to 'use our shipping PCRE which is known to be good'.

Here we go:

[ ] YES - include recent PCRE again with dependencies (means we
     create a PCRE repo in svn, check in a recent version, and add
     platform-dependent makefiles which are fully integrated into
     main build process).

[ ] NO - dont include PCRE (as currently) because of reason: ...

thanks, Gün.

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